On the night of the final project at Manifest we got to see everything come together from all of the different groups. It went much different as I expected and some groups had some amazing presentations. At first I didn’t know what to expect and how everything was going to intertwine, but as each group went it showed how one group benefited from another. As for our group, “The Manoa Walk Out,” I feel like we did get our point across, but not much people were left to view our presentation so I am not sure where we stood. Our group was able to assist all of the other groups because we could give a helping hand to which ever group needed it. This was my first time ever having to present at a bar our outside of school like that and I understand that we should present in the “real world” environment kike you explained. It was a new experience and it was actually fun because usually when I present in school it feels like I am in my comfort zone, but this time presenting at Manifest was outside of my comfort zone. 


I can’t believe how fast this semester went by and how much I have learned from taking this class. When I first signed up for this class I had no idea what to expect because I only signed up based on digital america because it really interested me. From the first month or so of class I felt so lost and confused because I couldn’t grasp the discussions and ideas that we were talking about in class. I knew that I was some what good at using the computer and I live on the internet, but this class took a different perspective at looking at technology and how it consumes so many aspects of society, friends, family, the world, and etc. From the robots to Anonymous to sex toys and the real world from the virtual world are a few things that I understood as this class comes to an end. I never seen things in the way this class has opened up my eyes. This class was interesting because we discuss so many things happening today and watch cool videos. I wish that I could have participated in more class discussions, but I always felt to afraid because I didn’t want to talk about the wrong thing. There were so many times that I just wanted to jump in, but I didn’t feel like getting shut down. As this class comes to an end our final project will me the cherry on top the sundae. I feel like everything we learned is going to come together with every groups contribution. It should be fun to see how everything comes together because every group has something to offer. Thanks for a great semester and I gained so much new knowledge about technology and I must say watching the video of the treadmill sex toy was probably one of the high lights of class because that was so funny.  

Texting. Who makes calls anymore? I feel like people are texting more than ever. Little kids who are ten years old have cell phones and know how to work with apps and texting.  I never had a phone until I was in the seventh grade and even then the fanciest thing i could do with it was play snake and get a light up phone case. Nowadays people can buy phone cases that have detachable pieces, cut outs and bling.  

I wonder if there is an increase in a hand injuries or finger injuries from all the texting.  I personally feel like texting is more convenient than making phone calls.  You dont have to waste your breath talking, if it’s not important you can just text someone and wait for their response.  I’m sure texting makes it more easier to not pay attention in class because it’s so discrete. Who would answer their phone and be like, “Hello?” in the middle of class?

Texting, is this a good thing? Texting can also lead to some pretty bad things too. Sex-ting. who would do that in the first place?! Crazies that’s who. Texting can make things difficult and sometimes dangerous. I think that the more technologically advanced the world becomes, the more complicated things will get.

There have been so many different fads throughout the years. Do you remember Xanga? What happened to Myspace? Do people even still log onto those sites? Xanga used to be the main site to share your blogs and pictures. But to me, I just enjoyed creating different layouts to impress my Xanga friends.  Then it evolved to Myspace. You could share pictures AND create different layouts, add music and create blogs.  Then the main site Facebook emerged.  At first it was a thing created for older users like college students, but now little teeny-boppers have facebook pages. Mothers and fathers have facebook pages! It’s crazy!

The point is that all these networking sites appear to be one big blur competing against each other.  Myspace, for those who still use them, seems to have all these new features to keep up with Facebook. Facebook is now putting timelines onto your walls making it even more confusing! What happened to a clean simple page like how it started? Nowdays it’s so hard just to keep up with the updates of these pages.  For people who are just starting, the many different applications and links make things even more confusing. I remember when you couldn’t even change the layout and now you can add customized photos?

I think that every networking site starts out innocent enough to connect and stay in touch with friends, but with so many demands, every site ends up corrupted.

Something really weird happened last week and that is both my parents got Iphones. I went down with them and it was probably one of the most irritating days because they had no idea how to work them. I argued with my mom and told her why she even wanted to get a phone that she didn’t even know how to use. My mom is the type of person who wants to be young forever and thinks she knows what she is doing all the time. My dad just got the phone because my mom basically made him because his plan was up. The reason I wanted to blog about this is that both my parents are technologically declined and for them to get a Iphone was a big step for mankind. I wrote a previous blog about the technology my dad had in the past and where it is now. Seeing old people using “young peoples technology” is funny because they spent days trying to work the Iphone and constantly asking me for help. I thought about it and I realized that I shouldn’t be so harsh to them because there are times when I need help from them and they are always their for me. Weird as it may sound technology can bring people closer together. After my parents found out the art of texting they keep writing to me non-stop about what I am doing and what I want for dinner. Even though it seems really akward, it is the most I talked to my parents in a while. I also play games with them and even facetime with them once in a while. So, I guess I can’t complain about everything because it actually brought me closer to them as sad as that sounds. 

I felt like writing this immediately because I just watched the news and they had a segment on being aware when using pay pal. It went by really fast, but they talked about how people are accessible to a virus if they don’t click on a certain tag. It will either delete your account or charge your account. This is why I am so afraid to use my credit card online because I feel like the one time that I do, something really bad is going to happen. I know there is a lot of bad people out there, but I don’t get why they enjoy stealing from others. I always wondered if they have nothing better to do or if they are so smart that they continue to do it because it is easy money. I remember my friends talking about if they had the power to steal from people online and if they would. It would be really tempting because you have so much power online, but I feel like I still couldn’t do it because I wouldn’t want it done to me so why do it to someone else. It’s scary now days to be on the internet because you don’t know who is tracking you and what they can do to you. 

Tuesday’s class put everything into perspective of what our whole final project was all about. At first I was confused of how everything was supposed to intertwine together, but after hearing everyone’s ideas it made everything a lot clearer. It seems like it’s going to be a challenging task for our group to have everyone just walk out of school and opt not to pay for tuition, but it’s a task that our group is willing to take. I like how every group has something to offer for another group. Our group is able to benefit from practically every group because we will have so much time to help because we are basically walking off campus. It makes it a bit easier to accomplish because we will have something to look forward to doing like helping the group that is cleaning up the beach for example. We will also benefit from the group with the big “tower of power” because it will help run our big concert that we plan on having. I can’t wait to see how this all play out because it’s become more and more interesting.